Sell Your Dress

Sell Second Hand DWedding Dresses

If you are interested in selling a dress with us please note the following:

  • We stock designer worn once and ex sample dresses. If you have either of these and the dress is less than 3 years old we’d love to hear from you.
  • We work on a sale or return basis, please email us the enquiry form below and if we think your dress is suitable to stock in the shop we will offer our suggested asking price and agree a time for you to bring it in, and provide you with a receipt. Once the dress sells we return 50% of the sale price to you.
  • Should your dress not sell within 6 months, we will contact you to discuss if it’s suitable to keep on stock for a further agreed amount of time, or if you would like to drop by and collect it.
  • All stock is fully insured once it is on our premises.

Enquiry form: